How To Transfer Data Between Two Computers 2019

How To Transfer Data Between Two Computers

Easy Ways to Transfer Data From One Computer to Another

How to transfer Data between two computers – In this age of the Internet, we can easily do many such tasks at home, which were almost impossible to do before. Today, the Smart Store has many applications in the App Store and there are websites on the internet with the help of which we can transfer data online from one place to another.

But sometimes we have to send an important file away from one computer to another computer, then we look for many apps and sites on this condition. But many of them are fake in many tips, or they waste too much time in file transfer.

However, with the help of Shareit, Xander etc. apps, we send and receive images directly to images, videos etc. In this situation, the question arises, is there anyway? With the help of which we can upload any large or small size file, Wireless Data Transfer can be done from computer to another computer.

Yes, in view of this problem, in today’s article, we will tell you the method, with which we can easily send and receive any file and any file from one computer to another computer without installing any App. You have to follow some simple instructions given below.

First of all, we have to open the Internet Browser on the computer so that we have to send a file to another computer.

Can You Use A USB Cable To Transfer Data From One Computer To Another

Now we have to search by typing Http://Web.Drfone.Me in the Browser’s Search Bar. After that, the official site of Dr. Fone will be open here.

Now we have two options for Send and Receive. We have to send a file so we will click on send.

We will select that file on our computer. Which we have to send.

Now we will get a code of 6 numbers.

Now we have to get the file on which the file is to be received, in the browser of the computer, http://web.drfone.m

The name of this site is to be opened here too.

And now we have to click on the Receive Button. And now here we will have the code number of 6 which we got when sending a file on another computer.

After entering the code, that file will be received in this computer.

In this way, we can easily send and receive from one computer to another computer. Simultaneously, if you want to use this application called Dr. Fone in your smartphone then you can install this app from Google Play Store. And to file Send and Receive from your Android to any other Android phone, we can do a File Transfer as per the steps mentioned above. We hope this article has proved to be helpful for you. If you have any questions related to this article then you can definitely type on the Comment Box below. We will try your questions promptly.

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