Leverage Related Posts in wordpress with Jetpack

Leverage Related Posts in wordpress with Jetpack

Leverage Related Posts in WordPress with Jetpack – Did I tell you how important to use Related Posts to improve your WordPress websites?

Long story short, related posts are good for at least 2 things: 1) increase engagement of your readers. 2) less bounce, more views.

Leverage Related Posts in WordPress with Jetpack

If you’ve missed it, you can find my tutorial here: WordPress SEO

So now you need some kind of related posts on your site, you have two options: either use an existing, established plugin or use a theme already integrated with related posts feature like Blix Theme for example.

In relation to plugins, you may probably hear about YARPP. But today I have a good news and give you another better option:

Jetpack 2.9 Introduces Related Posts Module

Server asset concentrated highlights, for example, details following and related posts are extremely hard to achieve in a productive way. Jetpack’s new Related Posts module utilizes WordPress.com assets to do this rather, which is without a doubt a colossal alleviation to facilitating organizations who have needed to manage the negative impacts of clients utilizing wasteful modules.

We’ve turned the module on for smallseotips.com, as you can see below this post. When you arrange the module, you’ll be given the choice of utilizing plain content for the related substance or an all the more outwardly striking presentation that incorporates included pictures.

To start using Related Posts, head to the Jetpack page in your blog’s dashboard and click the Activate button for Related Posts. You can likewise alter how the related posts segment looks by heading off to your Settings → Reading page and looking down to the alternatives by “Related posts

There is additional information you should know before you activate this module in Jetpack.

General Information

  1. Your blog must have no less than 10 distributed posts for the related substance to show up (to keep away from essentially cross-connecting posts with each other).
  2. The related substance is consequently created in light of the substance of the post and any labels or classifications in the event that they exist.
  3. This component utilizes the WordPress.com foundation and mirrors your substance there for ordering. If you see intermittent issues only affecting certain posts, you can request a reindex of your site under Jetpack → Related Posts → Learn More.

Details on Related Post Thumbnails

  1. A post’s included picture will show up as the thumbnail. If you haven’t set a featured image for the post, the feature will pull the first image in the body of the post. Thumbnails are generated as square as possible.
  2. In the event that you’ve utilized an outsider administration picture (for instance, Flickr) in a post, as long as it’s openly available, WordPress.com servers will pull the picture, scale it to the suitable size, and after that set it as the post’s thumbnail.
  3. Images will only show up if appropriate thumbnails can be generated for all 3 related posts found.

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