How To Find Keyword For Website Full Guide

How To Find Keyword For Website Full Guide

How to find keyword for Blog website: In today post, we will give you information about Keyword. What is Keyword of How it works What are its advantages and disadvantages? And how you can find keyword.

Friends, if you are reading this post. So this means. You must have heard the name of the keyword and now you have to understand it. Therefore, to explain this, we will explain you in a simple language so that this topic can be understood by you. If you have a New Blogger So you have to use Keyword in the field of Blogging, and you will be able to use Keyword in your Blog correctly if you know its basic Knowledge. Basic Knowledge of Keyword.

How To Find Keyword For Website Full Guide 2019

 What is a Keyword?

A keyword is the Word of any topic. The whole of the whole will understand the subject and the people who do search more. We give you an example to explain it correctly. Suppose you are writing something over a topic. So you must have seen everywhere when it is written about a topic. So it also has a heading. You can see the News Paper. It also has a Heading of a Topic. And after reading that heading, anybody understands about the topic. What is to be found inside this topic.

In other words, the keyword Keyword is Word. On which the entire Topic is written. If you look through the same post, then you have read the title of this post. What is a Keyword? And you understand that in this post, we will get information about Keyword.

What is the purpose of the Keyword in Blogging?

What is Keyword in Blogging You know this? But what is its work? It is now you have to tell. Friends Keyword is a part of SEO. What is SEO? And how important is it for the blog website? This is what you will know.

With Keyword Visiter in Blogging as well as Search Engine, it is also very important. Because if we write a post So Visiter comes from two places on it. One is those people. Which come through shared medium. And the other who access the Blog by Search in the Search Engine. Now talk about those Visitors who come through share. So whenever he reads the heading of Visiter Post Then it opens the post. When he comes to understand it. What’s the post about. In the same way, the search engine works. Whenever a user searches for something on Google Search like Google Search. So Google looks to the same topic as Visiter. Google has been able to find this address even if the user has searched. When Keyword is used in Post

How many types of Keyword?

If you want to use Keyword correctly in Blogging So you need to understand its type. Only then can you benefit from it right. A keyword is known from two types. –

  1. Short Tail Keyword
  2. Long Tail keyword

Short Tail keyword:

Such Keyword is kept under the Short Tail Keyword. Whose length is low. What is Blogging like? This has become a Short Tail Keyword. Because blogging is a keyword in it. But some more Word has been added to it. Which is low. And that’s what makes this the Short Tail Keyword. On this kind of keyword, many people are forced to write posts. Which is why competition High of this kind of keyword is. And it is difficult to rank it in Search Engine.

Long Tail Keyword:

Long Tail Keyword has some Word Add with Keyword. Like the Short Tail Keyword, what is Blogging? So to make Long Tail Keyword it can be used like this. What is Blogging? What is the advantage of this? And if it is made Focus Keyword, it becomes easy to rank in the Search Engine.

Focusing on using Keyword:

It is very important to use Keyword in a post. But to use Keyword it is important to take care of certain points. About whom we are going to tell you. –

Focus Keyword:

Whenever Keyword is used in Post Content. In order to tell the Search Engine about Keyword, that Keyword is to create Focus Keyword. And let’s know that the Search Engine keyword as a Targeting Keyword. In order to create Focus Keyword, Keyword in the Post Content is Blod Italic and Underline. Which identifies Search Engine Keyword. And if someone searches for this keyword. Then the Post Show goes.

Keyword Density:

As well as using any keyword, it is important to take into account the Density of Keyword. Keyword Density tells us this. In the post, we used the keyword Keyword. How many times has it been used in the post? And it is also important to take care of this.

The keyword is kept according to the Density Post Content. Suppose your post has 100 words. And if you use your keyword word more frequently in it. So this is called Keyword Stuffing. And the result could be this. Google considers this post as spam. There will be no benefit from you.

Let’s talk now. What should be the keyword Density if you write a post? So in that post Contact says it is correct to use Keyword 2% to 3%. Suppose you write 1000 Word’s post. So you can use Keyword in it, up to 2% of 1000. This means. You use Keyword 20 times in the post of 1000 words.

How to Find keyword for Blog Website

It is very important to do a search keyword for any post. And the need to Find keyword is therefore done. Because the keyword that you are using. It is important to know about this. Do people also search for them? No or what is the competition on that keyword. By keeping all this in mind, you can search for an angled keyword. Which can make the post index in the search engine. You have to get the help of online tools to search for the best Keyword for Post. w is there so many tools to find keyword is on the internet. But right and free tool Google Keyword Planner and Semrush are used.

How to use Keyword in Post

Find keywords and how to use Keyword in post after selecting. It is also important to be aware of this fact. And by keeping these options in mind, you can use Keyword in your post correctly. Which can make your Post Seo Friendly. If you use Keyword to correct in Post. So this will make your Content Seo Friendly. You have to use Keyword here. –

  • Post Title
  • Post First Paragraph
  • Permalink
  • Post Subheading
  • Post-Last Paragraph
  • Image Alt Tag
  • Image Name
  • Post Description

Benefits of Find Keyword in Blog Website

If you use Keyword correctly on your blog So you can have these advantages. –

  • A keyword is a part of SEO (Search Engine Optimization). And if you keep this in mind, write posts. Then there will be an index on your Post Search Engine and there is also a Chance for Show in the First Page.
  • The right use of Keyword can only bring Traffic to Post. And the greater the traffic, the chance of Money Earn increases as well.

From this is Atricle you must have known How To Find Keyword For Website, along with what you need for Keyword in the Blog Website. It may also have been discovered that if this post is correct, please share it or you can leave your own question or view by commenting. Subscribe to get the first information of this type first. Or Facebook Page Join.

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