How to Disable Self Pingbacks in WordPress 2019

Disable Self Pingbacks – When you do interlinking on pingbacks enabled site, WordPress automatically sends a pingback and it appears in the pingback comment section.

There are many WordPress users who like this pingback feature a lot but some users do not find it useful.

One of our users asked how to disable Self Pingbacks in WordPress. If you are also looking for articles to disable Self Pingbacks from your site, then you are at the right place.

Here I am going to share the best and easiest way to disable Self Pingbacks from WordPress site.

What is WordPress pingback?

WordPress Pingbacks is an automated comment when someone links your post, you receive a pingback notification. Nowadays, pingbacks are used only for spam and spammers use it a lot.

How to Disable Self Pingbacks in WordPress

You can easily disable WordPress Self Pingbacks by various methods. Here I will disable Self Pingbacks by plugins and without a plugin.

1. Disable Self Pingbacks in WordPress using the plugin has two plugins that can easily disable WordPress Self Pingbacks from your site.

So, let’s begin to disable self-pingback in WordPress …

A – Using the No Self Pings Plugin

To disable Self-pingbacks, first, you have to install and activate No Self Pings plugin on your site. You do not have to configure anything in this plugin because there is no setting in it. Only activating the plugin will disable WordPress pingback (self-comment).

B – Using Disabler Plugin

Install and activate the Disabler plugin on your site. With Disabler, you can disable Self Ping, Autosaving of posts, Post Revisions, RSS Feeds, XML-RPC.

After activating the plugin, it will add a new menu item to your settings section with the Disabler label. Just click the Settings >> Disabler option to configure.

Now scroll to the Back End Settings section and check the box for the Disable self-pings option. As you can see in the screenshot,

Now click the Save changes button. The plugin will automatically disable WordPress Self Pingbacks on your WordPress site.

2. Disabling Self Pingbacks Without Plugins

WordPress allows you to disable Self Pingbacks by default. Using this feature, you can completely disable pingback from your site.

You only need to go to Settings >> Discussion section. Uncheck the box after an attempt to notify any blogs linked to from the article. Click Save changes button to save your settings.

I hope this article helped you disable Disable Self Pingbacks from your WordPress site.

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