What To Do After Creating New Blog 2019 Ultimate Guide

What To Do After Creating New Blog

If you have recently created your new blog So your mind now comes the question. What to do after Creating New Blog so that you can also make money by making a blog and becoming a successful blogger.

There are so many ways to earn money from the internet today. The way to make money by making a blog is considered very good. But if you are thinking about it. Only after you Creating New Blog can you make money. So you are thinking wrong

Because you can not make money by simply Creating New Blog, so you first have to prepare your blog completely. So that you can place your blog on it after Google Adsense Approve.

Often the new blogger does not know what to do after creating a new blog. So you can earn money from blogs and become a successful blogger. What do we do after Creating New Blog today? It is going to give complete information.

What to Do After Creating New Blog in 2019

By the way, there are so many articles about blogging on the internet. But you do not get the full blogging course on any blog. And if you get it. It does not seem to know which topic comes after a Blog Topic. Since we are new bloggers.

So in today article, we will try to give you complete information about what to do after you create your blog, then let’s move forward.

1. Change Blog Template

When you create a new blog So you get the default Blog Template. Which you have to select. But you can change your blog template. And you can design your blog like a Professional Blog.

On Google, you get lots of free Theme / Template. Using which you can design blog well. Or you can use Blog Paid Theme

Before using any Blog Theme / Template, keep in mind the following.

-Mobile Friendly Theme

-SEO Friendly Theme

-Simple and User-Friendly Theme

-Theme Speed should be fast

-Easy navigation

2. Create Blog Logo

Every blog/website has a different logo. Which is the identification of his blog? So after creating the blog, design your Blog for Unique Logo which will represent your blog.

3. Create Blog Feicon

Like your Blog Logo, your blog has Feicon. Which is very important to apply. Because it makes your blog professional.

4. Customize Blog Menu

When you change your Blog Theme / Template After that you have to customize the Blog Menu. And add your blog category and link to the menu.

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5. Customize blog Header / Footer

After changing the blog theme, there is an extra link in Header / Footer. You have to customize accordingly. Or delete the additional link.

6. Add / Remove Widget

When you create a new blog So it has lots of widgets. Which reduces your Blog Speed. So you have to remove these Extra Widgets. And just add them to the widget. Or keep it Which is important for your blog.

7. Blog Basic settings

After creating the blog you have to do the basic settings of blogs. Such as Blog Description, Meta Tag, Search Preferences, Comment Setting, etc.

8. Create Blog Important Page

You get to see the important page on every blog. Required on every blog for Google Adsense Approval

-About us

Blog and write about yourself on this page

-Privacy Policy

Keep this page in mind by keeping your blog’s privacy policy in mind.

-Blog Disclaimer

Prepare a blog disclaimer or use the Disclaimer Generator tool.

-Contact us

People who want to contact you. For them, create Contact us page on your blog.

9. Custom Domain

If you use Blogger.com to create a free blog So you get sub-domain with it. So after creating the blog, use the Custom Domain which is the SEO of your blog. What is Domain? And read about how to buy a good domain.

10. Use CloudFlare

Use CloudFlare on your blog This enhances the security of your blog. And as well, using it also increases Blog Speed. And if you use the Custom Domain by creating free Blog on Blogger You can use CloudFlare to enable HTTPS. It offers both free and paid services.

11. Add Social Media Button

It’s very important to have a Social Media Share button on your blog. If your blog’s article likes one. So she can share it on Social Media. Which is useful to you.

12. Create Social Media Accounts

When you start a new blog So at the moment you can not get traffic from the Search Engine and you can create a social account on your social media account to increase the marketing and value of the blog. And you can get traffic from there.

What To Do Before You Creating New Blog

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13. Blog Submit Search Engine

To rank your blog article in the search engine and to tell the search engine about your blog, you have to submit your blog to the sitemap in the search engine. After that, endurance starts appearing in your article search. And after writing 10-15 articles on the blog, submit the blog to the search engine.

Here we tell you that most Google Search Engine is used in today’s time. And then Yahoo, Ask.com, Yandex etc. are used. So you have to submit your blog to all of these.

14. Write Post

Now you have to write an article on your blog. There is a problem in writing articles in Shrew days. But you never have to copy and paste it on your blog. And if you do. To remove the idea of making money with blogging.

So you have to write your own original article on your blog. How to Write Articles in Your Blog on Just 10 Minutes You will get this article.

15. Blog SEO

You have to make SEO of your blog (Search Engine Optimization) for traffic lanes from search engines on the blog. And the most traffic that comes to a blog It comes from the search engine itself.

So you should have knowledge of SEO so that you can do SEO well on your blog, which makes your blog go faster.

16. Google Adsense Approval

People who do blogging. Most people want to make money from their blog. So, first of all, you have to get the blog approved from Google Adsense. After that, you can place ads on your blog. And make money from your blog.

So friends, now you can understand what to do after Creating New Blog after which you can fully prepare your blog. For blogging and then you just have to focus on writing articles on your blog.

So hopefully you will have liked what to do after your making this article blog and it should have been received by you. If you have any suggestions. If you want to write in the article then you tell us in the comment and you like our article. So definitely share it with New Blogger.

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